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08 Apr

KICKSTART feat. Dick Chua – Award Winning Film Director, TEDx Speaker

Now, I gotta admit. Dick Chua was a junior at my school back in my little hometown, and because Jikey and I notoriously rebellious back then, we didn’t bother much about hanging out with the younger kids...

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22 Mar

KICKSTART NESTING | Designing Your Own (sexy) T-shirts for Branding and Marketing

True story. When we started KICKSTART in July 2012, we were aggressively looking for ways build our community. There were many exhibitions and conferences happening, with promo/booth space to rent out. Trouble is, we are...

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05 Mar

KICKSTART feat. Scott Friedman

As startups, I know that money is always one huge resource that we have don’t readily have. I mean, idea validation, marketing, getting the right people on board… those stuff come higher in the priority...

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22 Feb

KICKSTART presents Awaken the Dreamer Symposium by the Pachamama Alliance

We have talked about it for a while, and now it's happening. Awaken the Dreamer Symposium from the Pachamama Aliance is a world-wide phenomenon, and because only a handful of Malaysians ever experience it, together...

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21 Jan

KICKSTART feat. Joel Brown + Jennifer Steed

HAPPY 2014! Did you get off in a rockingly awesome start? If not, let us KICKSTART boys start it right for you! You know, there’s this conversation I always had with wantrepreneurs (your friend or...

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11 Jan

KICKSTART NESTING feat. Crafting Your Perfect Pitch

Yeap, it's happenin'! One of the goal for KICKSTART in 2014 is to have more hands-on workshops for our KICKSTARTers. Why? Well, our monthly KICKSTART sessions are always more about gaining insights, ideas and inspirations from the featured speakers, and KICKSTART Lepak focuses...

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18 Dec

KICKSTART for Singles feat. Li Kim, Celebrity Host of The Paranormal Zone & Serial Entrepreneur

Okay, all geared up for the last KICKSTART of 2013? And boy do we have the best way to exit the year… KICKSTART for Singles! Wait! Wait! Do I have to be single to come...

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14 Nov

KICKSTART NOV ’13 feat. Paul Dunn, Chairman of B1G1 & Entrepreneur of the Year

As you know, a few months back when I was at the Awesomeness Fest, I got the privilege to hear Paul Dunn speak at the ILAB. Not only was I blown away by his speech...

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